Investment Management

Acela Capital manages capital for individuals, families, and institutions, and corporations. We construct a globally diversified, multi-asset class investment portfolio, based on each client’s unique risk profile, investment objectives and time horizon, incorporating our firm’s views of best investment opportunities in the capital markets. Portfolios are carefully constructed and dynamically managed, reflecting the fluid investment environment, and balancing opportunities and risks.

In addition, through strategic alliances and partnerships, we work with our clients to develop wealth transfer plans and philanthropic strategies.

Concentrated Stock Diversification and Hedging

We specialize in developing and implementing diversification and hedging strategies for clients with concentrated stock positions. Utilizing Fidelity’s trading platform, we provide a highly effective and cost-competitive solution to help entrepreneurs, business executives and high-tech professionals realize profits and manage risks.

Consulting Services

Acela Capital provides consulting services to individuals, families, institutions and corporations who seek our independent advice on their financial and investment strategies as well as investment selections. We specialize in asset allocation, manager due diligence and selection, and risk management.

Our services include providing 401(K) advice to both corporations and employees, hedge fund due diligence, fund of funds due diligence, and portfolio evaluation and analysis. We also render opinions and evaluations on cross-Pacific investment opportunities between the United States and China.

In addition, through strategic alliances and partnerships, we work with our clients to develop wealth transfer plans and philanthropic strategies.

Holistic Approaches

Advanced holistic planning is a crucial component of our investment management process. When we manage client investments, we also work with our estate planer, attorney, and tax accountant to help each investor first see the big picture and look ahead to important planning considerations. For example, a start-up entrepreneur may need to set up a structure to hold its high potential founder’s shares, so as to minimize the tax consequences upon an exit event. Similarly, a trust structure may need to be set up for the purpose of avoiding gift taxes when wealth is transferred to the designated beneficiaries. Or a non-primary residence real estate purchase may need to be placed into a limited partnership structure to protect assets and reduce taxes. By using these holistic approaches, we ensure that our investors achieve both their planning and investment goals.

Disclaimer: Advisory services offered through Acela Capital Management, LLC. The publication of Acela Capital’s web site should not be construed by any consumer and/or prospective client as Acela Capital’s solicitation to effect, or attempt to effect transactions in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, over the Internet.